Why Choose Us?

-  At Lyptic we are Passionate about Perfection and Excellence

-  We are Confident in exceeding your expectations 

-  Our Experienced team are always pushing Creative boundries

-  We work Tirelessly to deliver to your specification within the agreed timescale

-  We are Dynamic and Fun to work with 

- Our style is Unique and Cinematic

- We always work Courteously and Unobtrusively


Our Services

- We cover all aspects of Film & Photography

-  We communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively. 

-  Bespoke Motion Graphics, 2D and 3D animation.

-  We handle all Post Production work (Editing, Grading and Audio)

-  Image Retouching, Restoration and Enhancement

- We Advertise and Promote with Class and Style

- Our Audio Engineer can create Bespoke music of your choice of genre


- We work nationally & internationally

-  We are Experienced, Qualified and Equipped to meet your brief 

- We are have covered Same Day Edits 

- Our Photographer has worked for Samsung, Philips and Bosch

- We have worked with High Profile people such as the artist Deadmau5

- We have conducted Film Production Workshops 


Film Production & Photography Services

Nationwide Coverage

Email: info@lyptic.co.uk

Fully Insured

Lyptic Studio

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