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We are creative professionals covering all aspects of Film Production & Architectural Photography.

With over 10 years experience, we have perfected the art of content creation, and how to develop powerful, captivating results for your business or product.

At Lyptic, we specialise in the corporate sector. We help our clients achieve their goals and accelerate their business through our high end craftsmanship.  Our attention to detail set us apart from others, with each project 

 receiving our full focus, you can be rest assured our film & photography work will exceed your expectations.

We are based in the Midlands, and cover the rest of the UK.

At Lyptic, our photography services make it easy for any business to add high quality photography to their website, digital 

marketing, social media and more. As you can see, our style is cinematic and extremely polished - perfect for advertising uses.

We are passionate about perfection and through this, we have mastered the mechanics of professional grade photography.

We have become a trusted company for commercial real estate photography. By providing exceptional service, and

constantly delivering to the highest quality, we have earned a prominent reputation within this industry

Cinematography & Post Production

Sample : Product Cinematography

Sample : Promotional Video

We communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively. Through stringent research, and our creative talent, we always

resonate with the clients target audience. This is always done so in a professional and polished manner.

We carefully plan every tiny detail, and develop a concept that will be original and highly engaging. Our video production services ensures that your brand / product will be represented in the best possible light. 

Our artistic vision is demonstrated through distinct shots / angles / camera movements we use. Each shot is meticulously

planned, which ensures every shot is meaningful, and all the shots work in harmony to deliver the visual objective.

Our video editing and post production facilities are capable of handling all aspects from bespoke motion graphics to sound design and foley.

Some of Our Happy Clients

We have worked with a wide variety of exceptional companies and brands over the years.

We look forward to growing our list and continuing to collaborate on more creative content. 

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